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Birthing class with Helga
What I would have wanted to know...


About me

I am a midwife at the birthing unit at the hospital and a mother of three. I am also a lactation consultant IBCLC.

I am really passionate about my job and along side my online classes I have a instagram account related to births. I am a co-owner a midwifery led practice with my friend where we offer ultrasound, gender revealing at 16 weeks plus and 3D ultrasounds. We also offer classes and individual interviews.  You can book with us at

Last year or so I have been offering classes online for expectant parents. My classes are both in english and icelandic. My classes are quite long, around 3,5 hours, making them perfect for you to be in the comfortable environment at home.

Here is an overview on the topics I cover:  Your relationship

◦Safety for baby

◦What to have before baby arrives

◦Choice of birthing place and luggage for labor

◦Woman‘s anatomy and birth hormones

◦True labor or false labor

◦Rupture of membranes

◦Role of childbirth companion / birth partner


◦Perineal support

◦Newborn baby

◦Pain relief during birth, with and without medications


◦First days

◦Breastfeeding the first days

◦Home service and the antenatal ward

◦Plan C, c-sections, vaccum and forceps delivery

◦Common problems after birth

I do my best to stay updated, go to conferences and  classes to make sure that you are getting the newest evidence available at that time.

Here is my instagram if you are interested:

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